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Surnames connected to the Skyrmes. This pages is a summary of the surnames held in the master database at June 2014, i.e. typically the surnames of people (and their immediate family) who married a Skyrm(e). Two points to note:

Surname Statistics

For those surnames which have more than five individuals in the database

The columns on the left shows surnames alphabetically while that on the right is by number of individuals.

NameNo.EarliestLatest NameNo.EarliestLatest
BEDDOE1117981923 SKYRME88615702004
BITTLE918121851 SKYRM3316772004
CADWALLADER616871877 MORGAN2418071930
CARSS518211853 JONES2216301955
DAVIES818141958 GRIFFITHS2116251921
DAVIS818091905 SKYRMES2018451965
EVANS917911918 THOMAS1517831911
GRIFFITHS2116251921 JOHN1417741946
GWYTHER1017901924 WILLIAMS1317481942
HARRIS518141911 SCOURFIELD1216101897
JOHN1417741946 BEDDOE1117981923
JONES2216301955 REYNISH1115461859
LEWIS717751910 SKYRMS1118491987
LOVETT1018611911 GWYTHER1017901924
MORGAN2418071930 LOVETT1018611911
MORGANS817701881 BITTLE918121851
OWEN616651924 EVANS917911918
PALMER518381905 DAVIES818141958
PHILLIPS817201911 DAVIS818091905
POWELL618281905 MORGANS817701881
REYNISH1115461859 PHILLIPS817201911
RICHIE518651901 RUSSAN818641911
RUSSAN818641911 LEWIS717751910
SCOURFIELD1216101897 SUTTON718321959
SEABORNE517151805 CADWALLADER616871877
SKIRME615961730 OWEN616651924
SKYRM3316772004 POWELL618281905
SKYRME88615702004 SKIRME615961730
SKYRMES2018451965 CARSS518211853
SKYRMS1118491987 HARRIS518141911
SUTTON718321959 PALMER518381905
TAVENER517991928 RICHIE518651901
THOMAS1517831911 SEABORNE517151805
VAUGHAN517771911 TAVENER517991928
WILLIAMS1317481942 VAUGHAN517771911