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Manorbier Skyrmes The Skyrmes of Manorbier & Penally (Oct 2017)
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Herefordshire Skyrmes The Skyrmes of Herefordshire (September 2015)
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JOONS article Skyrme: From a Family History to a One-Name Study (July 2015)
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Skyrmes of Pembrokeshire 2 The Skyrmes of Llangwm (May 2015)
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Skyrmes of Pembrokeshire 1 The Skyrmes of Penally and Manorbier (2012)
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Welcome to the Skyrme family history website.

If you or your ancestors have the surname Skyrme (or any of its variants - Skyrm, Skirm, Skirme, Skerme etc.) then these web pages are for you. Our family trees share a very unusual name.

This website was launched in 1996 and started with the author's family tree, which originated in Pembrokshire. Since 2012, it has expanded to include Skyrmes world-wide and now constitutes a One-Name Study (ONS) of the surname. The main cluster of Skyrmes originates from Herefordshire, but there are other significant clusters in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. This builds on the excellent work of Ian Skyrm over many years. He passed over the registration (with the Guild of One Name Studies) of the Skyrm(e) ONS to me in June 2014. As a result this website is now the official website for the Skyrm(e) ONS.

I am grateful to the many people (Skyrmes and their relatives) who since 1996 have contacted me providing helpful information (see sources).

If you share the name of have information on it, we invite you to send information to me by email at Also notify me of your own family web pages so that they can be included on the SkyrmeNet links.

I hope you find this a useful resource in your Skyrme family history activities.

David J Skyrme

P.S. I welcome feedback and enquiries - see the contact page on how to get in touch.


Update History


Yardy website: Yardy was my maternal grandmother's name, and happens to be three times rarer than Skyrme! In March 2013, I started the Yardy One-Name Study. For details and updates go to the Yardy website.