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Work plan for the Skyrm(e) One-Name Study, including a summary of short and medium-term priorities, a progress chart and an overview of tasks for each of the '7 pillars'. Contact me if you would like to help.

family chart

Current Work Plan

Short-Term (Summer 2017)

Medium-term and Ongoing


A set of tasks that falls into the '7 pillars' has been made, along with an assessment of how much needs to be done. For example, there are about 4,000 records to be processed and added to the master database, with perhaps another 2,000 yet to be collected or discovered. The chart below provides a summary of completeness based on these estimates.

progress chart

Of course, we expect the goal posts to change and the task list to grow as we improve our analysis and as more sources are unearthed or come on line.

Summary of Main Tasks

Going through the 7 pillars in turn

  1. Data collection: reasonably complete are BMD indexes for the UK, census records for Pembrokeshire, Herefordshire and the USA. Immediate plans are to find more parish and census records for missing parts of Herefordshire and other counties. We have initiated a DNA project.
  2. Analysis: trees for the Pembrokeshire Skyrmes are almost complete, and are being checked and updated. Work is well under way on the Herefordshire Skyrmes. Reasonable progress is being made on the families of non-UK Skyrmes. As a result an initial draft of the USA Skyrm(e)s is on the cards. Altogether there are about 10 clusters of Skyrmes to analyse. Already we have been able to merge two of the Herfordshire clusters into a single tree.
  3. Synthesis: detailed synthesis has hardly started. Some migration, occupation and newspaper articles have been analysed but there is much yet to do.
  4. Responding to Enquiries: this is ongoing and all enquiries have been satisfactorily addressed. Recent enquiries have led to putting together trees for some New Zealand Skyrmes, and also a cluster in Worcester, who are probably linked to the Herefordshire Skyrmes, though a definitive link has yet to be found. Currently several eqnuiries have resulted in ongoing collaboration over many months as each of us develops and shares information on family branches. Since my registration of the Skyrme ONS, a formal record of enquirers and response times is being kept. Here is a summary of the number of enquiries by year:
      2014: 9 - 2015: 9 - 2016: 19 - 2017 (to 30-Apr): 6.
  5. Publicising the Study: this website and the Guild profile are kept up to date. Reference to the website is given in every email the author sends.
  6. Publishing the Findings: substantive articles have now been published in three relevant family history journals - see the library for details and copies of these. In between occassional substantive articles, the plan now is now to provide short filler articles on a regular basis.
  7. Preserving the One-Name Study: back-ups are done regularly, and work is unhderway to package the study in such a way that others can take it over longer-term and provide a copy to the Guild for long-term preservation.