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About this website, the One-Name Study, its workplan, the author and how to contact him with an enquiry. For an overview, see below. For more detail click on the links on the left column menu.

About This Website

Launched on St. David's Day - 1st March 1996. An appropriate day (that of the Patron Saint of Wales) to launch this site, bearing in mind the strong Welsh connections of the name.

Starting with a focus on the author's family tree, it has now evolved into the website for the Skyrm(e) One-Name Study

Go to the website page for information about its evolution and a summary of updates.

About this One-Name Study

The objectives of this study are to research, record and share information on the origins, distribution, family histories, historical and geographic contexts of people with the surname Skyrme, Skyrm and variants world-wide. To achieve this a wide range of research resources is being used and will be shared through uploading datasets and trees to this website.

More details about the process of research (using the '7 pillars') will be found on the ONS section of this website.

Current Workplan

family chart

Current priorities are:

A fuller description of progress, current and planned activities and how to contribute will be found on the work plan page.

David J Skyrme

About the Author and Webmaster

The author and webmaster of this website is David Skyrme, a former business manager, management consultant and writer, and now retired, living in Highclere, Hampshire, England.

He was initially interested in local history (One-Place Studies) before researching his own family tree. As well as running this website, he also maintains websites for some other organisations and charities.

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Contact Details

I welcome comments, feedback and any information which will help progress this study.

In addition one of the duties of a Guild surname registrant is to respond to enquiries in a timely manner.

My basic contact details are:
but you will find fuller details and how to make an enquiry on the contact page.