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Contact details and how to make an enquiry or provide feeback and/or contribute.

Contact Us

david skyrme

Please feel free to contact David Skyrme with feedback, corrections and new contributions. The preferred method is by email. Contact details:

David J Skyrme
Cherry Gate
Tubbs Lane
RG20 9PR


Telephone: +44 (0) 1635 254151

Making An Enquiry

As a registered member of the Guild of One-Name Studies there is an obligation to respond to enquiries in a timely and helpful manner. Here is what you need to do, and what you can expect from me:

And here is what you can expect in return:

There may be some occasions - vacations in remote places, illness etc. - where the above timescales cannot be met, but these are generally infrequent.

What you should not expect is:

There may be exceptions to some of the the above guidelines, especially for collaborators on the One-Name study.

We look forward to help you and hope you will be satasified with our service.

If you have course to complain, please do so initially to me and I will see if it can be resolved. You can also take a complaint of non-response to The Guild - see their page Responding to Enquiries

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